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In response to: OMG! Are you kidding me!

Comment from: CL Atkins [Visitor]

CL Atkins

You are so right. sent out 3 e-mails to the WhiteHouse and 2 senators, it sure felt good. After reading your article I think I'l call them in the morning, Friday.
Great work OPA.

08/10/17 @ 08:59 pm

In response to: Cut the BS and get to ACTION - TRUMP!

Comment from: Trump [Visitor]


No offense, but no politician is going to change a damn thing.
The illuminati put in office who they choose.
I'm sure if trump had good intentions prior to be elected.
When elected, the illuminati most likely put a gun to his head and said
"You will do what we tell you to do or we will rape your wife, torture your children,
and make you watch."
You would end up doing the same thing if you were in his shoes.

You have to understand that the world is controlled by a few elite groups.
They have been in control for centuries and thats not going to change anytime soon.
So, trump isnt the problem. The shadow govt is.

Ask why god would allow these things instead?

08/10/17 @ 01:56 pm

In response to: RV IS DEAD!

Comment from: Chrisb [Visitor]


All it takes to reverse that is one executive order nullifying this horse manure. There is a plan and to really think congress would have any power to shut this down is absurb. Did you hear this from Okie, or Tony or Freeway or Terry K someone else or someone else with no credibility. Geeez

08/10/17 @ 01:59 am

In response to: RV IS DEAD!

Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]


You don't have to repeal Obamacare to repeal that tax, even if it really exists.

08/09/17 @ 10:18 pm

In response to: RV IS DEAD!

Comment from: Rob Marshall [Visitor]

Rob Marshall

The Constitution does not allow for recalling Senators.

There will never be an RV. The Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with the value of your nearly worthless dinars and dongs.

To everyone waiting for the RV, I understand it is hard to admit that you were a sucker, but it is time to stop dreaming.

08/08/17 @ 10:30 pm

In response to: RV IS DEAD!

Comment from: Mary Letts [Visitor]

Mary Letts

I for one, am so tired of the senate and house not getting anything done. We need Obamacare replaced with something that is good for everyone. All of us deserve to have the same kind of healthcare that the senators and representatives have. They need to get off their lazy duffs and get to work. They shouldn't be paid to take long vacations every couple of months.

08/08/17 @ 07:40 pm

In response to: Nesaranews Mission Statement

Comment from: [Member]

misteri 1963

He notado que muchos medios de comunicación para desprestigiar a NESARA emiten noticias alternativas confusas para desorientar a la gente, sería bueno poder tener un medio audiovisual propio para poder contrarrestar dichas difamaciones.

Noticias de ayer noche en europa, han notificado que NESARA ya está en marcha, alguien puede confirmarlo?

07/18/17 @ 02:30 pm

I suspect this was created for the exact purpose ... as intended!

those of us that still have an official status of US citizen will become ensnared in the continued role of suretyship ... only worse!

those of us that have 'properly' re-established your inherent right (those of you that have done so, noticed all real parties of interest and gotten your public decree, know who you are) will be able to use their "decreed" status in a private capacity.

it is likely to reward those 'private' and punish all short-cutting or otherwise lazy/greedy types.
actually, quite brilliant.

just an opinion?!



07/15/17 @ 05:59 pm

not quite sure why we keep seeing these types of articles?!?!?!

we are all understanding this ... right????

" a judge to strip law abiding citizens of their arms and concealed handgun licenses "

if one gives up their inherent right(s) and "chooses" to be regulated by a license, then that [regulated/licensed] "privledge" shall be adjusted as they see fit, by the regulator.

there is nothing else to discuss.



07/11/17 @ 09:50 am

So far this advice has been spot on! Bitcoin did indeed pass $3000, and while it has since dipped below, I am sure we'll see it pass $3000 again soon. Primarily based on speculation, as this article said. However, even if speculation plays a large role in the price now, Bitcoin and blockchain do seem to be history in the making. It will be interesting to see what the next few years have in store as blockchain applications continue to develop!

06/29/17 @ 11:40 pm

In response to: Fukushima Remedy?

Comment from: [Member]


100% disinformation in regards to Fulford and the Fukushima

06/29/17 @ 08:40 am

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