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hey J,


you do realize, ‘An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia’, is a home-rule statute, right???


government, public servants, have two duties, in general.

an external one … to the people and the public.

and an internal one … manage themselves.

the external one is, in general, to serve the people fairly … and lawfully.

but the internal one, “home-rule", can be whatever they want!! and that concept has existed forever.


I think your interpretation of that act may be a confusion of these concepts.

also, don’t lose fact that our current defacto government is extra-constitutional … and is a product a of voluntary and uncontested state-of-emergency. (yes, I realize you and I contest it, but that is not what I mean!)


yes … we can fix things … but only when we correctly identify the source of each issue … the symptoms are all too obvious to us … but we do not want to jump to the first, or simplest conclusion. our current reality is several hundred years in the making … we may not be able to back to the beginning from here.

there is a reason the concept of “force” (as in ‘the power of force’) is not included in Natural Law. it is reserved to the creator (and the laws of the universe). and when man tries to wield it … he always seems to forget what natural law says about it;

Issac Newton said it well, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action”



(as in, ‘keep it’)



I wish Also to add, what it very ironical is that the USA seems to be very Quick to tell how Moral they are at defending Other countries, But the Reality is that the USA cannot Defend it’s own People against the Massive Increase of Aerosol spraying that is Shortening the Lives of Every Living Creature on this Planet, and because of it death by senile dementia and Parkinsons and also Alzeimers has also increased by 150 Per Cent, and the USA has allowed this chemical Toxic Pollution of Our Earth, that not only Poisons the Air that we breathe but also all the Life in the Sea and the Food on the ground, and there is no End to It, so whenever we find New Ways to improve the Health and the Lengths of our Lives, it is Not Only Nullified by the Increase in toxicity but by the Ongoing Wars that the USA Pursues Around the World, so much so that the rest of the world has to Take in Refugee’s from the Countries that it has Bombed the Crap out of, America only has delusions of Greatness, when the Reality is that it is a country Of Broken treaties to its Native Indians, so it then become a country of Broken Promises and Broken Dreams, because it has Become without the Exceptional John F Kennedy A country without Honour.


did any of these Gutless wonders remember to ask the President of the Philippines or the Filipino People if they need any Help from the Only Warmongering Creature’s on the planet, like they want to help all the Other countries that are not democratic, this is a sure sign that the USA is on it’s way down, and it is still hanging on by it’s Nail’s to prevent the final Curtain Fall. the USA only has a President but no Government Only a collection of Dunderheads.


It is a good Idea to give this site a bit more flavour, only as long as it stays impartial and listens to all Arguments, comments and posted items are all wanted as long as they are not Flavoured with their own political, Religious and Patriotic Preferences or Prejudices, and also not overloaded with foul Expletives, research without analysis is pointless and Analysis without research is Dangerous.


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maybe it is because the USA has no answer for It’s 1500 Military bases around the World, where it Intimidates all those Countries that do not comply to it’s brand of Democracy, it is also in a position to subject the rest of the World to the Pollution of it’s land’s sea and air and the Shortening of it’s lives by it’s Toxic vaccine’s and big Pharma Control of the World, and the Continued  state of Perpetual Wars, it does not Care if the rest of the World Recognises that it is a Land without honour and Shame, because then it will Just upgrade it’s chemical Aerosol Spraying of our Skies thus shortening our lives still Further Like it has been doing, it’s is the Intention to keep freedom of Speech off the Menu, because no promises are kept and all treaties are broken.